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Remote Access - Creating and Using the EZproxy Bookmarklet

How to create and use the EZproxy Bookmarklet


Creating and Using the EZproxy Bookmarklet

If you are using the library's catalog, Primo, offsite you will usually manage to stay inside the library's EZproxy and be recognized by the publisher's as having legitimate access to subscription. However, you can manage to "fall out" of EZproxy (i.e. the links are no longer proxied). Additionally, if you use a different product like Web of Science, SciFinder, or Google Scholar, we have little to no control on configuring those to work properly with EZproxy so it is even easier to fall out of EZproxy.

Here is where an EZproxy bookmarklet will come in handy. A bookmarklet is a "button" you can add to your bookmarks/favorites bar on your browser that will provide more direct access to the resource.

For Desktop or Laptop browsers

You will need to have a visible bookmarks or favorites toolbar on your browser.

For Firefox

Right click on this link: EZproxy and select "Bookmark This Link"

For Chrome

Drag this link: EZproxy to your Bookmarks toolbar.

For Safari

Drag this link: EZproxy to your Favorites toolbar.

Safari has Favorites and Bookmarks. Favorites are a sub-category of Bookmarks and the only type that you can have as a bar across the top of the browser. You will need to make the Favorites bar visible before dragging the link.

Test It Out

We are going to use this article for testing:

Karim Shawki and George Papadakis. A preconditioned Multiple Shooting Shadowing algorithm for the sensitivity analysis of chaotic systems. Journal of Computational Physics. Volume 398. December 2019.

Click on the article link. It should open in a new tab. Then click on the bookmark you have created. If you already have a LANL weblogin in session active, it will just go to the article. If you do not have an active weblogin session, you will need to login in with Z# and crypto passcode. Then it will just go to the article. In either case, you will see "Download PDF" instead of "Get Access".


Before Using the Bookmarklet



After Using the Bookmarklet


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