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Nuclear Science & Technology

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Online Resources

  • International Atomic Energy Agency
    • IAEA scientific and technical publications cover areas of nuclear power, radiation therapy, nuclear security, nuclear law, and emergency repose. Search under Publications/Books and Reports for scientific books, standards, technical guides and reports
  • National Nuclear Data Center
    • Nuclear physics data for basic nuclear research and for applied nuclear technologies, operated by Brookhaven.
  • World Nuclear Association
    • Country profiles, technical information, facts and figures in 200 frequently-updated papers providing full coverage of nuclear power worldwide.
  • Nuclear Science Series
    • This site provides access to PDF files of volumes in the Nuclear Science Series: Monographs on Radiochemistry and Radiochemical Techniques issued by the National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council's Subcommittee on Radiochemistry. Volumes in this series date back to 1959. Revisions of selected volumes have been published throughout the years.
  • CNS - James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies
    • CNS at the Monterey Institute of International Studies is the largest nongovernmental organization in the United States devoted exclusively to research & training to stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).
  • NTI Research Library
    • In-depth analysis produced by NTI experts or funded by NTI, related to nuclear, biological or chemical threats, as well as missile delivery systems and terrorism. Country profiles and Threat assessment sections are available.


  • DOE Central Internet Database
    • CID is a gateway to waste management and facility information from current and archived Department of Energy (DOE) data sources. This new version of the CID provides DOE information in the form of standard and archived CID reports and in links to other DOE data reporting systems.
  • Nuclear Explosions Database
    • NEDB consists of source information (date/time, location, yield, seismic magnitude, burial depth, etc.), drawn from a variety of official and unofficial sources, and a collection of related digital waveform data for all nuclear explosions conducted from 1945-2009. The database includes 2153 announced or presumed nuclear explosions for 674 of which over 120,000 digital waveforms have been compiled and archived.

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