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A guide to using SciFinder-n and searching for chemical substances, reactions, and more.

Creating An Account

LANL employees can now sign up for a SciFinder-n account through the website. You will need to use the 'register for enterprise or government use' link on the front page of the SciFinder-n website, and sign up using your LANL email address.

A screenshot of the front page of SciFinder-n.

Your SciFinder-n Account

Your SciFinder-n account is yours - do not use it to perform searches for other people or organizations.

Do not share your password and ID with other people. Sharing your account is a violation of your agreement with SciFinder-n and CAS.

While working at LANL, use only the username and password assigned to you by CAS that is associated with your lab email. Do not continue to use this lab-affiliated SciFinder-n account after leaving the lab - you will need to contact when departing LANL.

SciFinder-n Tools

Intro to SciFinder-n

Use this SciFinder-n link to log into the website.SciFinder-n is a service by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) that provides a suite of databases from CAS, plus PubMed.

In SciFindern, you can search chemical substances, reactions, and more. SciFinder-n includes literature from other scientific disciplines such as biomedical science, engineering, materials science, and agricultural science.

You can also use SciFinder-n mobile with your preferred web browser on your phone or tablet.

In 2020, the Research Library transitioned from the old SciFinder interface to the new and improved SciFinder-n interface. For a full explanation of the changes made in the transition from SciFinder to SciFinder-n, watch this video walkthrough from CAS.

What Can You Do With SciFinder-n?

  • Find chemical substances, reactions, references, and substance suppliers.
  • Create a retrosynthesis plan for any substance.
  • Draw or import a structure image for searches.
  • Share search results with colleagues who also have SciFinder-n accounts.
  • Download search results for offline analysis.
  • Store up to 5,000 records at any one time.
  • Create a project database of records for team collaboration.

Video Tutorials

Research Library Contacts

Email the Research Library's SciFinder-n team at with any questions you have about the service.

Your SciFinder-n key contact is Alyssa Rozendaal.

Using SciFinder-n Remotely

Using your CAS-assigned SciFinder-n username and password, you can sign into SciFinder-n from any computer, anywhere. However, if you wish to access LANL Research Library's subscription journals and articles through SciFinder-n, you will need to first be logged in via one of the following methods:

  • the lab's VPN
  • remote desktop
  • off-site laboratory employee access

More information about remote access can be found at our Library Resources During The COVID-19 guide. Once you are logged in, you can navigate to the SciFinder-n page and log in as usual.

Library Chat

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