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Social Bias in AI

Resource Guide on social bias in AI including what it is, articles, journals, organizations, and practical tutorials

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What is social bias in AI?

AI systems are only as good as the data we put into them. Bad data can contain implicit racial, gender, or ideological biases. Many AI systems will continue to be trained using bad data, making this an ongoing problem. - IBM Research

Social Bias in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown over the years as a topic of discussion focusing on machine learning algorithms, biased datasets, and the disparate impact the algorithms and datasets have that has real world consequences such as the COMPAS system.

If interested in Anti-Racist resources, please see our Anti-Racist Resource Guide.

Below are two Ted Talks, one by Joy Buolamwini and Cathy O'Neil, which are a good introduction to this topic:




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ACM - Association for Computing Machinery

The Association for Computing Machinery does have a focus on AI

and Machine Learning within their public policy work, including:


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