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How to identify and find different types of standards.

IHS Engineering Workbench

Engineering Workbench

IHS Engineering Workbench standards

IHS provides most standards for LANL, such as ANSI and ISO; does not include IEEE.  IHS's new Engineering Workbench interface uses LANL cryptocard login.  Select filter "Show results for: My Subscriptions" to see only what is in our subscription for download.

IHS USERS: Remember to free up the service for another person:  download/print the PDF, then Log Out.

For most collections, 1 person may access PDFs at a time, per the Library's subscription license.

Exception: ASME & NFPA have a 3-simultaneous user license.

Engineering Workbench

I get the message "Document license unavailable." What does this mean?

Someone at the Lab is currently viewing a standard from that collection. Try again later.

How do I use IHS Engineering Workbench?

Quick Start Guide (pdf) - more Help is available with the "?" in the Engineering Workbench header

Contact the Research Library at 7-5809 or

What if full-text is not available?

Standards can be purchased from the IHS Markit Standards Store with a credit card.

How do I install FileOpen (needed for AWS, NBBI, etc.)?

AWS uses digital rights management (DRM). This requires a free Adobe Acrobat plug-in that "locks" the PDF file to the computer on which it was first opened. If you have admin rights on your computer, Click here to download the plug-in. Once FileOpen is working, you can view the file. Then use Shift + Ctrl + S to save the PDF to your drive (versus the usual hover- pointer-near-bottom-of-cover-page to bring up toolbar with floppy disk icon).

COVID-19 Standards

Codes, Standards, and Specifications

Finding Standards

Global Engineering: (800) 854-7179

Information Handling Services: (800) 447-3352

For more information on ordering standards or accessing standards services subscribed to by LANL, contact your library engineering liaison, or the Research Library directly. This service is for LANL employees and contractors only.

IEEE Videos for LANL Employees

IEEE Xplore is a website LANL employees can use to access full-text standards from IEEE as well as articles, conference proceedings, ebooks, and more. IEEE has created a series of videos to walk lab employees through using IEEE Xplore and the various resources available.


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