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Library Resources for Teleworking/WFH

A variety of library resources and alternative resources that can be accessed during teleworking/off-site/work from home scenarios.

Temporary Resources

Note: These resources will only be available for a period of time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Users should not expect constant access to these resources.

Cambridge Core has a collection of COVID-19 resources and information, including free access to book chapters and journal articles.

Wiley is offering a variety of resources, including: free online access to over 5,000 journal articles, book chapters, and reference entries; a live aggregate of COVID-19 news and research; special collections on COVID-19 related topics; historical perspectives on epidemics (ex: Europe in 1817; Sydney in 1895); Wiley Connections, an online customer community; the Wiley Online Library training hub.

Off-Site Access

1. To access books, journals, scholarly databases and standards from off site while you work from home:

  1. Open your web browser of choice (Firefox is the preferred browser for LANL).
  2. Go to the external Research Library website.
  3. Click on the "Offsite Lab Employee" button on the right hand side of the library homepage.
  4. Use the Library Search box to look for resources and access them via the offsite proxy.

2. To access RASSTI, Los Alamos Authors, and LDRD Connexion from off site while you work from home:

  1. Go to
  2. Use your Z number and cryptocard to log in.
  3. From the Portal menu, choose Research Library, then navigate to the website you want to access.
  4. You can also go directly to those pages and cryptocard in using the below links:
    1. Los Alamos Authors Database
    2. LDRD Connexion
    3. RASSTI

Ebook Central: For e-books available through Ebook Central, you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions in order to read them. If you have remote desktop access from off-site, you can read EBC books this way. Email the Research Library if this is not a possibility for you.

For access issues that are not resolved by the above processes, please contact the Research Library staff directly.

Openly Available Resources

Read pre-prints of early access research and upcoming journal articles. Below are pre-print repositories, all Open Access.

For a collection of Open Access journals, see the Directory of Open Access Journals. There is also Paperity, the "first multidisciplinary aggregator of [OA] journals and papers".

CAS/American Chemistry Society has released a slew of resources, including a protein target thesaurus, articles on targeting ACE2, insights on new vaccines and treatments, and current research and development on therapeutic agents and vaccines, and tools to aid researchers in fighting COVID-19.

A-Z Databases is a searchable list of all the databases the Research Library actively subscribes to.

The major databases available through the Research Library are:

ProQuest currently includes the Coronavirus Research Database‎, a "free health and medical research database for openly available content related to the COVID-19 outbreak" made available during the pandemic.

There is a listing of Open Access databases, with an emphasis on science and technology.

The Open Scholarship Knowledge Base is a place to find "open scholarship resources created and curated by the community", created by the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education.

Databases to find government/technical reports:

Available Library Resources

  • Our online resources, including databases, e-journals, standards, and librarian curated research guides
  • Books from the Research Library can be checked out at our self check-out machine in the building lobby.
  • On-site request fulfillment (e.g. report scanning, book requests, etc.) will be done by librarians on a weekly basis; work is currently staggered to enforce current social distancing rules.

Note: there will be no in-person library reference services starting March 16, 2020. Books returned to the Research Library during this period will be checked in on a weekly basis.

For COVID-19 specific resources, please see our COVID-19 research guide.

Library Instruction Sessions

LANL employees: You can now schedule a remote instructional session with a librarian from LANL’s Research Library. The meeting will take place on Webex and can involve as many people as you want to attend the session. The session can cover anything from a general overview of library resources to more specific resources and tools, such as Los Alamos Authors, RASSTI, or creating an ORCiD profile.

If you are interested in setting up a library instruction session, request training here.

Newsletter Registration

To subscribe to the Research Library's newsletter and get library blog posts delivered to your inbox:

  1. Go to (LANL employees only)
  2. Click on 'Mailing Lists' on the left hand menu
  3. Under 'Mailing Lists' click on 'Subscribe to a list'
  4. Enter the mailing list you are interested in subscribing to:
    1. For monthly emails: rl-monthly-newsletter
    2. For weekly emails: rl-weekly-newsletter

You can see current library blog posts at the main RL news index page.

Library Training/Events

Library Chat

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